Punk Goes Pop Vol. 6 Artwork, Track Listing, Release Date



The sixth volume of Punk Goes Pop will be released on November 17th via Fearless Records. Tyler Carter, August Burns Red, Knuckle Puck, and State Champs, among others, are featured on the release. Check out the artwork and track listing for the release below after the jump.

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that costume is incredible 


that costume is incredible 

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A guy once told my lesbian friend that being a lesbian is a huge turn off for guys and that she’ll never find a boyfriend.

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me @ myself: why are u like this?

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good cop: it’s okay, just tell us what happened
bad cop: why the hell would you rob a bank? you’re an idiot. see u in court
dad cop: i’m not mad. just disappointed

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animals with albinism - imgur.com

and its opposite - melanism

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one time in 7th grade everyone in my class got really quiet so i said “dildo” just to see the ridiculous reaction since i knew how immature 7th graders were

for 30 minutes, there was an uncontrollable uproar of laughter and someone fell and hit their head on a chair and had to go to the nurse

because i said dildo.

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What really happens when you touch a globe

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east coasters: i drove through 17 states on the way to work
west coasters: i have been traveling in this desert for 49 years. generations have died. children have been born. when will i make it to the promised land
Midwesterners: I haven't left a 20 mile radius in 2 years
floridians: please help me there are so many oranges they are attacki-

Sarah supports Reproductive Rights (x)

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Other fried monstrosities served at the Texas State Fair. Amazing.

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"I have an entire forest living inside of me and you have carved your initials into every tree."

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Sonic Screwdriver Doctor Who